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Mindful Eating
The Inner Game of Chewing

Ruthy Alon
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Healthy, Innocent Eating
and Moving as Nature Meant

If you would like to eat whatever — and however much — you desire, without compromising lightness in your figure or litheness in your movement, then this workshop is for you.

Mindful Eating: The Inner Game of Chewing offers a strategy to reawaken in us the fundamental sense by which all Nature’s other creatures thrive. This sense knows innately what supports life, what to eat, and when to stop.

Our internal signal of satiety may go unheard amid the sheer volume of food available to us, and the noisy, hectic pace of modern times. Yet it is one well worth listening for, and listening to, if only for a moment, to restore a modicum of balance back into our lives.

Like any movement habit, the way we chew can become a fixed set of mechanical gestures and pre-programmed attitudes. Closely examined, our personal pattern of chewing both conceals and reveals our addictive eating habits, and our loss of control over them.

We can learn to overcome this loss of control in an easy, non-confrontational manner: not by a regimented path of discipline and self-denial, but by listening to the whispers within. When using awareness to identify our organic signal of satisfaction, we spontaneously come to heed it.

Guided to explore non-habitual options for eating and moving, we find indirect ways to wean ourselves from the neuromotor aspects of stuck, counterproductive habits of self-nurturing. This experiential approach to learning awakens and restores trust in our inner compass — with which we ultimately detect the authentic urges within ourselves that resourcefully place us back on the path of natural nourishment and nutrition.

In this supportive, creative, and fun workshop you will:

• Practice movement processes that optimize your style of eating and moving

• Discover within you Nature’s organic signal of satisfaction

• Receive guidance to restore your movement coordination, along with its internally mirrored body image, to an authentic liveliness

• Inspire your biological optimism to reclaim the innate wisdom and beauty of your body

The Equation that puts this all together is:

. . . where M = Mass
          and V = Velocity

We can reduce our body mass by:
– decreasing our intake of food
– decreasing the speed at which
   we eat
– increasing our pleasure in
. . . or by using any combination of these three strategies.

Come share a mindful meal with us, and taste for yourself the truth of this equation, and how it figures into your own daily life!

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