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FMI is dedicated to fostering public awareness of Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence programs, including Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Solutions, and Mindful Eating. Anyone wishing to support FMI’s vision and mission is invited to join our community. Are you a Member yet?

Membership Categories

Friends of FMI support the vision and mission of FMI, and would like to see the Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Solutions, Chairs and Mindful Eating pro-
grams grow and expand to
serve more people.

Teachers-in-Training have completed the Basic BFL, WFL, Chairs or ME programs and are pursuing Teacher Certification in one or more of these modalities.

Professional Teacher Members are certified Movement Intelli-
gence Teachers. Membership benefits are intended to support their professional practice.

Professional Trainer Members are certified Movement Intelli-
gence Trainers.

All FMI memberships extend from January to December, and are renewable annually.

Membership Benefits

Friends of FMI: tax deduction for your charitable contribution; listing on our Sponsorship page and bi-monthly FMI Zoom Room invitations.

Teachers-in-Training, Professional Teacher & Trainer Members: tax deduction for your charitable contribution; access to the Bones for Life® Process Discussion Forum; and
 • FMI Website Listing*
 • Class/Training Listing(s)
 • Bi-Monthly Zoom Room Invites
 • Presentation Materials
 • Marketing Materials
       Graphic Identity Kit
       Press Kit Items
These materials are available in the password-protected Members Area of our website

The password to obtain benefits available on the Members Area will be sent out to you upon receipt of your payment.

 * Professional Trainer Members are listed as Trainers on the FMI website, and may have their BFL trainings cross-listed on the Bones for Life® website.

 2023 Fee Schedule
 Teacher  Trainer 
U.S.$50 $100$200
Canada$40  $80$160
* Teacher-in-Training
5% Discount if you 
Join or Renew by 12-31-22

How Can I Join?

There are two ways to enroll as an FMI Member. Option #1 below (mailed payment and application form) is more cost-effective for us, and is preferred.

1. Download and print the FMI Membership Application form.
Fill it out, and send it with a US check or money order that is payable to “Foundation for Movement Intelligence” to: FMI Membership
c/o L. Tiemann, 37 Spruce St., #3,
Portland, ME  04102

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2. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please click the “Donate” button below. After completing the PayPal payment form, please click
 Return to Merchant  at the bottom
in order to complete your FMI application form online.

International (non-North American) Friends and Instructors are invited to join FMI at one-half the U.S. membership rates.

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