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  • Carolyn Sue Albin
  • Ruthy Alon*
  • Diane Baker
  • Doug Boltson
  • Dr. Barbara Brick*
  • Walli Chefitz, OTR, L
  • Emily Dangel
  • Jean Elvin
  • Sheree Farber, PhD
  • Diane Fecteau
  • Ann Foster
  • Linda Howell, PT
  • June LaPointe
  • Carol Lingman
  • Deborah Lotus
  • Hedy Ohringer
  • Deirdre Pattison
  • Petra Riedel-Willems
  • Jon Sanders
  • Leslie Schwartzman, PhD
  • Sherry Seaver
  • Kate Wedemeyer
  • Catherine Wright

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♥ FMI sponsors who made founding contributions during 2008–09
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Integrative Learning Center

For their inspiration we would also like to acknowledge water carriers worldwide who, by carrying on their traditional ways — literally “using their heads” — have, along with their heritage, passed on their postural secrets for maintaining health, optimism, and strong resilient bones!


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