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Foundation for Movement Intelligence

North American nonprofit sponsor of Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence™ programs — “Movement Nature Meant” — Body Technology for the Information Age. Your source for hundreds of inventive, quick-acting, do-it-yourself, self-care shortcuts to streamline posture & movement and cultivate awareness, ergonomic mastery, and “Biological Optimism.”

Shortcuts to Better Posture and Movement

Unfold, Widen and Twist to better Spring, Swing — and Sing!
Streamlined Spiraling, Centrally Generated, Around and Along an Alternating Axis
and Airstream, with Independent Eyes, Head and Breath

We help movers of all ages, from all walks of life, prevent and relieve chronic joint pain and achieve easy mobility by teaching healthy, holistic coordination of posture and movement — "Movement Nature Meant." Our self-care strategies are fast-acting, easy to learn, and last a lifetime! We offer self-reliant body maintenance — do-it-yourself physical therapy at a fraction of the cost. We provide an experiential user guide to the care and feeding of the human body, featuring powerful processes to update your non-verbal neuromotor programming and help you perform at your best.

Short Sample Lessons
Freeing your Neck
Better Organized Sitting
Contralateral Walking Pattern
12 “Head-to-Toe” Movement Processes
Six Lessons with Ruthy Alon

Ruthy Alon, PhD — FMI President Emeritus,
Creator of Movement Intelligence™ Programs

Ruthy Alon [1930–2020], author of Mindful Spontaneity (North Atlantic Books, 1996) is featured in numerous instructional videos and DVDs, most notably Movement Nature Meant. Her Movement Intelligence™ programs are taught worldwide by over 500 Teachers and Trainers.

I have nothing against the many labor-saving devices and inventions that have come into our lives. I only regret that this means we tend to use our bodies in limited, mechanical ways: we stiffen ourselves, and move only one body part at a time.

Movement Intelligence uses sensory guided movement to improve the interdependent relationship among all the many moving parts of the body, ensuring a healthy division of labor.

No human being need deteriorate prematurely. If you do not move well, then life in general will be a difficult struggle, rather than rewarding, pleasurable and beautiful.

Benefits of Movement Intelligence™ Programs
Family Therapy for Your Joints —

  • Improve postural alignment
  • Sharpen coordination and agility
  • Refine balance and reduce risk of falls
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Decrease pain and muscular tension
  • Enhance attention and develop clearer thinking
  • Promote fuller, easier breathing
  • Prevent overuse injuries
  • Maintain mobility as you age
  • Boost your movement “IQ” to help you perform at your best

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