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Solutions – Foundation for Movement Intelligence Solutions - Foundation for Movement Intelligence


for Optimal Mobility

What is Movement Intelligence(MI)?
How can we awaken and enhance it?

MI is our inner “compass” for navigating optimal movement, a pleasure-driven center that innately knows

  • How to rest into support — like a Cat
  • Which way is up — like a Giraffe
  • How to shift weight — like an Elephant
  • How to rebound — like a Kangaroo

. . . as well as . . .

  • How to find the “sweet spot” in any activity
  • How to engage the entire self, with least effort
  • How to intuit the path of least resistance
  • When we’ve had enough [Satiety]

Most centrally, MI is about the continual adaptability of our physically embodied self to life’s ever-changing circumstances and environment, which involves and challenges our unconscious resourcefulness, and effortlessly evokes our instinct for self-preservation — conserving energy and, when we feel safe, not just surviving, but playfully thriving.

Unfortunately, the needle of this compass, rather than becoming increasingly sensitive and fine-tuned over time, can — through the magnetic pulls of habit, imitation, self-protection and non-supportive environments — become distorted in its perception and assessment of “true north” . . . and can lead us astray: into misdirecting ourselves in ways that conflict with natural laws of physics and physiology. Eventually such personal misuse results in the premature deterioration and aging of our bodies — so-called “lifestyle” diseases (like osteoporosis and obesity) — as well as otherwise avoidable everyday minor aches and pains.

What to do? Our compass needs to be reset, or recalibrated. Not that we knowingly find a “right” way, and exchange one habit for another . . . But that, to liberate ourselves, we deliberately feed our organism with myriad options from which, completely on its own, our organism can, like an animal in the wild, spontaneously select and enact the optimal moves at any moment, in any circumstance, without any conscious pre-planning, interference or manipulation.

Because we too often rely upon idiosyncratic patterns that have crystallized into self-created, self-imposed limitations, we must expand upon these habits so that our organism has a wider palette of options from which to make healthier, more appropriate choices. The needle of our Movement Intelligence “compass” is then free to respond more flexibly, without hesitation, to the ever-changing shifts in our here-and-now reality.

The broad menu of offerings in the Solutions program addresses our most common human maladaptations by serving up movement recipes that present effective strategies to skillfully repattern the neuro-muscular system. Themes include Posture, Balance, Hip Joints, Shoulders, Knees, Ankles & Feet, Lower Back, Neck and Face. Welcome results of this program include enhanced relaxation, blood flow, range of motion, flexibility, height, symmetry, balance, coordination and fluidity, as well as strength.

On a subjective level, Solutions training leads to problem-free, pain-free movement, where, due to evenly distributed effort, you move globally, as an integrated Gestalt, engaging your entire being, rather than as the sum of many disparate, disjoint parts.

The upshot of the distilled wisdom offered in the Solutions program is that you become biomechanically optimized — confidently poised and self-possessed as you restore an ageless and healthy curiosity, creativity and zest for life which Ruthy Alon, creator of this comprehensive program, likens to “Biological Optimism.”